Government Relations & Lobbying

We at the Mayforth Group have spent our careers working with elected officials in local, state and federal government. We have extensive knowledge of how government operates and of the people who can effect legal changes at the state and federal levels. By utilizing our political networks, policy expertise and in-depth legal and regulatory experience, you will be giving your organization the capacity to:


Develop smart, sensible policy

We believe in the policies we fight for, which means that we'll be there every step of the way to see it through to its conclusion. This process begins with developing legal or regulatory language that can serve as a framework for the legislative and regulatory changes you're looking for. We will conduct extensive research, examine best practices, and make recommendations that not only create meaningful change, but are politically viable.

Advocate for your legislative priorities

We can help you identify critical legislative targets, key deadlines, and appropriate committees and legislators to help achieve your legislative goals. Our staff has years of experience giving and preparing testimony, organizing small or large scale outreach on behalf of clients, and working with members of the General Assembly and Rhode Island's federal delegation to craft smart, sensible policy.  



Navigate the regulatory sphere

Reading and understanding regulations can be confusing, and changing them isn't much easier. But our years of interagency relations at the state and local levels will enable you to follow up on legislation of interest as it passes into the regulatory phase, and to advocate for your desired policy changes directly to the most relevant parties.