Mission & Values

We decided to name ourselves after a defining moment in the history of our democracy. On May Fourth, 1776,  Rhode Island stepped forward and declared its independence from Great Britain, proudly making it the first American colony to do so. More than 200 years later, the commitment to independence and to the democratic process that motivated our forefathers continues to inspire us at the Mayforth Group today. 

Our mission is to equip you with what you need to succeed in the political marketplace. We believe in the causes and interests we fight for, and will not rest until our clients are satisfied with their results. 

Creating positive change at the state and national level isn't easy, but we can give you the tools to do it.  In a challenging political climate, it helps to have a partner who shares your values and passions; a partner who will help you navigate the maze of interests, agencies, and legislative hurdles that comprise our political system at the state and federal levels.